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The time before Radiopuhelimet: KTMK

Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio - or KTMK for short - was founded in autumn 1983. The band consisted of Jarno Mällinen (guitar), Jyrki Raatikainen (drums), Pekka Salonsaari (bass) and Antti Penttilä(vocals).

They performed a set of their own songs publicly for the first time on the 28th of January 1984 in Rauhala, Oulu, Finland. During the two and a half years the band was active they played about twenty shows.

KTMK entered the studio three times: in autumn 1984 the band recorded five songs for a compilation record called Yalta Hi-Life, published by Barabbas Records. In spring 1985 they recorded the album 666 for the same label and in early 1986 an EP record called Seitsemäs pasuuna (The seventh trombone) for the Fuck label of the Dekadenz punk clothing & accessory store. Yalta Hi-Life and Seitsemäs pasuuna were re-released during the nineties, the latter as a part of a compilation recording called Fuck Hits.

Conflicting views and the lack of new song material drove KTMK soon into a dead end, although the band tried to build new energy by taking Jukka Kangas as their second guitar player. They played their last show in Mimmiteekki, Muhos on the 1st of March 1986. It was only a few weeks later that Mällinen, Raatikainen and Kangas started Radiopuhelimet.

Despite its short life, KTMK attained something of a cult status. The band became a part of the hardcore punk scene which at its peak at the time, although its musical ambitions were not quite in that direction. Finnish mainstream rock media recognised the band as well, with their show in Ruisrock festival in the summer of 1985 being the highest point of their career publicity-wise.

Mp3 material in Audio&Video -page is the first re-release of 666.

KTMK - gigs:
28.1. Oulu (Rauhala)
19.4. Oulu (Pauligin talo)
27.4. Oulu (Pauligin talo)
4(?).5. Liminka (Taidekoulu)
19.5. Oulu (Oulunsuun pirtti)
14.6. Rovaniemi (Herttarouva)
23.7. Helsinki (Zombie-klubi)
7.9. Muhos (Mimmiteekki)
28.9. Rovaniemi (nt Tommi)
6.12. Oulu (Rauhala)
1.2. Jyväskylä (Jyrock)
2.2. Vaasa (nuorisotalo)
27.4. Oulu (Rauhala)
2.8. Vilppula (ulkolava)
3.8. Turku (Ruisrock)
5.10. Muhos (Mimmiteekki)
14.11. Oulu (Pauligin talo)
11.12. Liminka (Taidekoulu)
13.1. Helsinki (Club 77)
23.1. Oulu (Rauhala)
22.2. Helsinki (Lepakko)
1.3. Muhos (Mimmiteekki)



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